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What refractory castables are used in different parts of the cement kiln

refractory castablesWhat castables are used for different parts of the cement kiln: Generally, the door cover of the cement kiln should use high-aluminum refractory castables, and the grate cooler should use high-strength alkali-resistant castables. Wear-resistant castables should be used for parts of the grate cooler that are easy to wear.
At the back of the cement kiln, wear-resistant castables can also be used, but they must be alkali-resistant. There are also steel fiber reinforced refractory castables. The front kiln mouth is also a more demanding part, and high-end castable corundum mullite castable is used, but it must have abrasion resistance. But the amount is not very large, usually 8-10 tons.
The calciner at the end of the kiln is made of low-cement castables, and the alkali resistance must be above level 2. The aluminum content cannot be less than 70%, but alkali-resistant castables must be used at the cone part, and alkali-resistant castables can also be used on the top. The strength requirement of alkali-resistant castable should not be less than 60Mpa.
There is also a coal injection pipe. Although the amount is not large, the requirements are extremely demanding. Use corundum-mullite castables, high-grade castables containing silicon carbide, and magnesium-aluminum spinel castables.
The tertiary air duct must use wear-resistant castables, with a strength of 100Mpa, and high-alumina low-cement castables for lightly worn parts, with a bulk density of 2.6.
There is also a mixing belt in a single-tube cooler, which uses a mixture of steel fiber castables and wear-resistant bricks.
Generally speaking, among the castables for cement kilns, the waste heat power generation system is not used much, and it has only been available in recent years.



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