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What are the applications of high alumina bricks as basic materials

High alumina bricks are the basic materials for high-temperature skills, mainly cement and steel. Facts have proved that only high-alumina bricks can withstand the large amount of heat generated by fuel or heating elements. If the container does not use refractory materials as raw materials, it will not be possible to accept the heat under high temperature conditions, but will make the container deform or even melt. Therefore, the high-alumina refractory bricks need not be damaged at high temperature, and insist on the loss of heat as much as possible. In other words, the high-alumina refractory bricks should have a strong heat insulation effect.
In some areas, high aluminum bricks are also required to have extremely high thermal conductivity. For example, in electrical insulators, high-alumina refractory bricks are used as refractory materials. With the continuous development of modern skills and raw materials, everyone's requirements for high aluminum refractory bricks are also increasing. Not only the high-alumina refractory bricks are required to have extremely high quality, but they also have higher requirements for the shape of the refractory.
Refractory non-ferrous metals are relatively small, and non-ferrous metals themselves offer relatively high prices, refractory bricks account for a very small part of the cost. Non-ferrous metallurgical refractory bricks are of high quality. Building materials industry cement industry, glass industry, ceramic industry are the main users of refractory materials. In order to protect the normal operation of the furnace, and improve the operating cycle, to ensure the selection of refractory bricks, and the correct use of insulation key.
Refractory bricks play a very important role in China's national economy. Since China's reform and opening up, the refractory brick industry near the origin of refractory raw materials has developed rapidly, and it has also become a local pillar industry. However, because some companies have poor equipment, weak technical capabilities, and low-grade products, the repeated production is severe, which has caused a high consumption of refractory materials in China.



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