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Description of the use range and advantages of refractory castables

refractory castableWith the continuous development of society, refractory castables have gradually come into our lives. It has the characteristics of high medium temperature strength, good high temperature performance, stable volume, erosion resistance, convenient construction, and strong integrity of the lining structure. Description of the scope of use of materials and their advantages.

Application of acid-resistant castable:

The application of acid-resistant castables in industrial kilns is common, and the existence of acid-resistant castables can be seen in various industries in industrial applications. Its main application is the repair of various industrial buildings. Yes, refractory products, in The use of acid-resistant castables is required in the maintenance process of industrial kilns. It can be reasonably repaired on the damaged parts of the kiln to ensure the normal operation of the kiln, and the acid-resistant castables are suitable for repairing various special buildings. , It is a wide range of refractory and thermal insulation products.
The acid-resistant castable is very convenient and flexible in the use process. It is not only a kind of unshaped refractory material, but also various irregular preforms can be made for use. It is a kind of refractory product, but it must give play to acid-resistant casting The performance of the material also needs to be used reasonably.
During use, acid-resistant castables should not be used in a short time and large temperature difference environment, nor can they be constructed in a humid environment, and acid-resistant castables cannot be constructed at high temperatures, which will damage it. Use performance, thereby reducing the strength of use of acid-resistant castables, so we must pay attention to these during use, and strive to play the function of acid-resistant castables.

Advantages of acid-resistant castable:

Because acid-resistant castables are alternately anticorrosive, the anti-corrosion performance will be greatly improved. Because acid-resistant castables have excellent anti-corrosion properties, acid-resistant castables can not only meet the anti-corrosion requirements in corrosive environments, but also meet alternate performance Fatigue is required to survive in extremely harsh environments for a long time.
The shrinkage, hardness, toughness, wear resistance, and temperature resistance of acid-resistant castables have laid a solid foundation for survival in harsh environments. In addition, acid-resistant castables must have silicon carbide, fine-grained alumina, zinc oxide, etc. These raw materials are directly related to the products of acid-resistant castables.



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