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How to use converter furnace patching material

converter furnace patching material1)Check the quality of converter furnace patching material, ensure it’s qualified.
2)It’s better to use little converter furnace patching material at the early stage, and use more and more at the middle and end stage.
3)Please ensure the enough baking time after patching.
4)As the sintering isn’t enough for the first several heats, especially the first heat, please mix it carefully and try to avoid pouring the furnace. When it is necessary to carry out the furnace forward or backward, the operator should pay attention to safety and must stand on both sides of the furnace mouth to prevent personal injury caused by sudden collapse of the furnace.
5) The furnace operation must be fully organized, and the tightening time should be carried out in an orderly manner. Otherwise, it will take too long and the temperature in the furnace will be too low to facilitate the sintering of the furnace refractory material.
6) The first to second furnaces that are blown after the furnace must be placed in the eye-catching position of the front of the furnace to place a warning sign to warn the operator to avoid dangerous areas (especially the mouth of the furnace).



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