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Tundish dry vibration mix construction process

1. First install the tundish nozzle block, make sure that the upper plane is on the same plane, and then pour dry material evenly into the bottom of the bag, and pound it around the nozzle block. The bottom cover material is tamped layer by layer or flat plate vibration is used, and the construction height of the material is required to be slightly higher than the upper surface of the nozzle block, which is conducive to the full contact between the tire mold and the bottom cover material.
2. After the construction of the bottom of the package is completed, the tire mold is seated in the tundish. When the mold is seated, the kiln ensures that the thickness of the gap between the tire mold and the permanent layer is the same.
3. Pour dry vibration mix uniformly at different positions along the side wall, and use a vibrating rod to drag along the side of the tire mold while letting the dry vibration mix fully vent, and reduce the segregation of the material during the vibration of the tire mold.
4. Construct layer by layer until the dry vibration mix fills the entire gap, and the dry vibration mix height is higher than the permanent layer height.
5. Start the vibration motor in the tire mold, the vibration time is 5 ~ 10s, and then use the auxiliary manual vibration motor to vibrate around the tundish for one turn.
6. Add dry vibration mix to fill the gap left by vibration, and fully compact or tamp the top dry vibration mix.
7. Ignite the burner in the tire mold to heat it. The temperature of the tire mold is controlled between 200 and 300 ° C. The heating time is 2 hours so that the low temperature binder in the dry vibration mix can be fully cured.
8. After the tire mold has cooled down, pull the tire mold with a traveling vehicle. When pulling the mold, prevent the working lining from being damaged.
9. Before use, bake directly for about 1h at high temperature, and it can be used when it reaches above 1000 ℃.



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