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The funtion of stopper rods in tundish

stopper rods in tundishThe stopper rods is mainly used for opening and closing of the tundish, in addition to automatic control the flow of molten steel from tundish to crystallizer, but also blowing inert gas. The tundish refractory stopper rods has funtions of control Steel flow and purification. According to different stopper rods, to achieve the purpose of controlling steel flow.

1) At the end of the stopper rods, use alumina graphite stopper head or magnesia stopper head to enhanced end strength, and to extend the service life.
2) Argon passed through the stopper pipe with a directional bore to the stopper head to establish a "backpressure" to remove the atmosphere from the argon system, thereby improving the sealing effect.

The stopper is made of various types according to different steel grade, such as perforated or grooved at the stopper head, is used to blow argon, and other gas. So that the total amount of inclusions in the steel billet is greatly reduced and the billet quality is improved, while the stopper itself accident also decreased, thereby increasing the continuous casting production.



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