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Storage of refractories

refractory material1. The castable belongs to the mixed products of powder and granular stones, and special moisture-proof and waterproof measures must be taken.
2. Different types of refractory castables have different characteristics. They must be classified and separated from each other.
3. It is not necessary to pile up too high in the warehouse. If the pile is too high, it is dangerous to people, and if it collapses, it is very difficult to deal with.
Refractory castables are made of a variety of raw materials. As the refractory castables belong to mixed bulk materials, there are coagulants (live refractory cement) mixed inside, etc. because the air contains moisture, even if stored in a relatively dry warehouse for a long time, it will affect the quality of refractory castables. It is recommended not to store for a long time, and it is easy to lose its strength after a long time.



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