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Several common faults in nozzles of glass melting furnace

After using the glass melting furnace nozzle for a period of time, the following common faults occur:

Heavy oil is burned at high temperatures, and the residue formed by cracking when the combustion air is insufficient.
2. Concentricity shift
The concentricity shift within the nozzle causes uneven atomization.
3. Abrasion
4. Change in the distance from the nozzle to the spout
5. Movement of the nozzle angle
The movement of the nozzle placement angle necessarily changes the direction of the flame.

Therefore, cleaning the nozzle regularly, correcting the concentricity, checking the diameter of the nozzle, adjusting the distance from the nozzle to the spout, correcting the nozzle installation angle, and often eliminating the coking on the nozzle brick are important operational steps in the process of use.



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