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Safety precautions on the sintering and melting of furnace with neutral ramming mass lining

Safety precautions on the sintering and melting of furnace with neutral ramming mass lining:

neutral ramming mass1. When using a gas oven, the gas source should be clarified first, and a small amount of gas ignition should be started first.The whole heating process must be attended by a special person. If the flame of the burner is extinguished, the gas should be turned off at the first time, and then the burner is taken out and ignited again. It is forbidden to directly ignite in the furnace.
2. When using molten steel to heat furnace, the molten steel must be completely dry before pouring into the furnace to prevent the molten steel from splashing or even exploding when pouring into the furnace.
3. When charging in smelting, it is forbidden for feeders to join the block directly by hand to prevent safety accidents during charging.
4. Material should be added evenly in the smelting process. It is forbidden to add wet metal blocks after melting in the furnace to avoid splashing of molten steel.
5. When feeding in the late stage of smelting, it is strictly forbidden to add large materials to avoid overflow of molten steel.
6. In the process of smelting, if the boiling of melt is serious, the power should be reduced in time, and a tranquilizer should be added to avoid splashing of molten steel.
7. If it is necessary to repair the steel trough during the smelting process, the power supply must be cut off before repairing. The operator must fasten the safety rope and erect the safety net. It is strictly forbidden to step on the charge to repair the work and prevent the risk of falling.
8. Protective smocks must be worn when the lining is hot patch, using special tools, work with other assistants together.
9. Collaborative workers should do a good job for the main operator safety warning, safety protection, eliminate hidden dangers, and provide effective safety assistance for the main operator.
10. If there is alarm during melting, firstly cut off power.And if there is steel water inside furnace,pour it out immediately.



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