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Safety precautions on the lining of furnace with neutral ramming mass

neutral ramming massSafety precautions on the lining of furnace with neutral ramming mass
1. Before entering production site, Workers must wear labor protection articles( safety helmet,working clothes, labor protection shoes, dust mask and protection gloves etc.)
2. During preparation for lining, power and energy should be used and connected by relatively responsible person.It can be used for lining only after testing tools.
3. Before lining furnace, please examine whether tools and facility obey requirement of safety operation.
4. All gas pipelines at lining construction site should be marked with type of gas( gas, compressed air, oxygen,nitrogen, argon, etc) and marked with clear safety signs.
5. Before entering construction site or production,the site and access should be checked for safety and clear the obstacles.
6. Workers must fasten safety ropes to enter and get out crucible, to prevent accidental falling injury.
7. When to use crane to hang materials and metal crucible, there must be a assistant commend.Slanting and overload are strictly prohibited during lifting. No person standing under lifting material.
8. When using a pneumatic lining machine, compressed air should be used as the power source. It is strictly forbidden to use other gases as the power source.
9. After the bottom vibrator is finished, the bottom must be purged with compressed air for more than 10 minutes before the plate vibrator is hoisted, and then the air quality can be checked by the air detector to confirm the safety before the sequential operation can be started.
10. Tools and equipment should be used correctly and reasonably in the process of furnace building. Check and place neatly in the prescribed area after use to prevent accidental injury caused by random placement.
11. When lining the tapping groove, worker must be secured with safety ropes at the edge of furnace.
12. During lining, workers are not allowed to enter electricity distribution room or operation room at will, and they are not allowed to touch the equipment at will, so as to avoid personnel injury caused by wrong operation.



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