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Refining ladle purge plug

ladle purge plugThere are several shaped for the refining ladle purge plug, the details are as follows:
1.Disperse type. It is composed of grains which are used for adjusting the purge plug, which makes it highly permeable. But the permeability can not be manually controlled, it is with low strength and service life.
2.Slit type. The air gap is formed between the micro dense sheets. Air is blown into refining ladle through these gaps. The adjust ability of blowing capacity is better than disperse type but still not easy to control.
3.Aligned pore type permeable refractory brick. It is produced by putting different numbers of thin stainless steel pipes inside. The air volume and distribution can be manually controlled by this type of purge plug, it is also with higher service life.
4.Maze type. It is produced by putting a netted air supplying tunnel in the fine and closely woven base. Air volume can be easily controlled. Even if one pass is blocked by the penetrated molten steel, air still can go into the refining ladle through other passes.
5.Maze combined with aligned pore type. It combines the advantages of both aligned pore type and maze type, thus offers better performance.



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