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The reason for the decline in the quality of refractory castables

refractory castable1. Regarding the quality of refractory castable construction, there are four main points to focus on: the planning and construction quality of the anchor, the moisture content of the castable during construction, the temperature at the time of construction, the post-maintenance and the baking of the refractory castable grilled.

2. In the process of mixing the castable with water, the amount of water added is crucial. For example, if the amount of water added is too large, the castable will appear relatively thin, and the fluidity will increase, which will affect the construction strength of the castable. However, if the amount of water added is too small, it will cause the aggregate and the powder to be difficult to mix and cause accumulation, which will result in loose structure and deteriorating construction quality.

3. The important factor in the quality of the castable is the temperature. Short-term sudden changes in temperature can cause the castable to be damaged quickly, and then the quality will be seriously degraded, and even if it is not used, it will fall off. The thermal shock stability of the castable is very weak before construction is completed.

4. Cement dosage, cement is an important material to determine the strength of refractory castables. Generally speaking, with the increase of cement dosage, the normal temperature compressive strength increases, the high temperature strength decreases, the refractoriness and load softening temperature decrease continuously, and the line shrinks after burning. The rate also increases. Some manufacturers will shoddy the product, causing the castables to fail to meet expectations.



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