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Raw materials of calcium silicate insulation products

calcium silicate insulationRaw materials of calcium silicate insulation refractory products

Siliceous materials: mainly are diatomite, easy to react with lime in warm water below 100 ℃, generating colloids. You can also use bentonite, fly ash, quartz sand, silica fume, siliceous shale powder.

Calcium materials: mainly lime, the best selection of the lime is effective content of CaO not less than 85%. Fresh lime water digestion into a lime slurry, the grain size of CaO less than 1 μm. Not only has good suspension, but also easily attached to the surface of SiO2 particles.

Reinforcing fiber: Although asbestos has good reinforcing fibers, it is harmful to the human. Now is the non-alkali glass fiber, alkali-resistant mineral wool fiber, pure brucite fiber. Pure brucite fiber is China's unique water-containing carbonate fiber, harmless to the human.

In order to promote coagulation, need to add additives, including  water glass, calcium silicate powder, SiO2 superfine powder, polyacrylamide.



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