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Ramming process of electric furnace bottom

Ramming mass of electric furnace bottom Process of Ramming Mass for Electric Furnace Bottom:
1) Ramming is layer by layer, each layer is rammed with a thickness of 120mm to 150mm, and the last layer is rammed with 100mm.
2) The ramming material is permanently lining the uniform auxiliary layer, and is repeatedly tamped from the periphery to the center by a pneumatic pick or an electric vibrator to a prescribed thickness. In order to prevent ash, the rubber sheet, sack or canvas cover can be used for ramming. The ramming quality can be detected by using a steel rod (φ4mm) prepared in advance and pressed at a pressure equivalent to 0.1MPa, and the insertion depth is preferably not more than 30 mm.
3) The spherical portion of the furnace slope is rammed to a thickness of half of the total thickness and knotted in two layers.
4) The tanning of the furnace slope needs to use a matching template and rammed in two sections.
5) The bottom of the furnace and the furnace slope are covered with a steel plate with a thickness of 4mm to 5mm.



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