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Structure and optimization of purging plug

Purging plugPurging plugs are the most critical components that can be smoothly implemented outside the furnace refining process, and are extremely important for the practicality and completeness of refining outside the furnace.

It has been found that there is a certain temperature difference between the working surface and the permanent layer which the molten steel contacts during the use of the permeable brick. The thermal stress caused by the temperature difference makes the slit inside the purging plug widened, and the molten steel will block the gap in the subsequent smelting.

By studying the relationship between thermal stress and temperature distribution of ladle permeable bricks, the results show that the thermal stress of the permeable brick working surface exceeds the self-bonding force of the permeable brick in some cases. When the ventilating brick is in the quenching and hot environment, the thermal shock causes the working surface to peel off and will damage the permeable bricks.



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