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Process factors affecting the performance of magnesia carbon brick

performance of magnesia carbon brickThe process factors affecting the performance of magnesia carbon bricks mainly include raw materials, binders and additives.

Magnesite with high MgO content, large magnesia phase crystal particles and calcium-silica ratio of more than 2 is better to produce Magnesia-carbon bricks

2. Graphite
After the impurity oxide and graphite in the magnesia carbon brick react, the structure of the brick body is loose, the gas permeability is increased, and the strength is decreased. Therefore, most of the magnesia carbon bricks produced are graphite with high purity and large scale crystals.

3. Bonding agent
The production process and product quality of magnesia-carbon bricks are not stable enough, one of the important reasons is the instability of the binder. The most effective is phenolic resin.

4. Additives
In order to improve the oxidation resistance of the magnesia carbon brick, a certain amount of additives may be added. The most commonly used additives are aluminum powder, silicon powder and SiC powder.



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