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Precautions for EAF ramming mass

EAF Ramming Mass(1) The residual steel and residue at the bottom of the furnace must be cleaned up, otherwise it is easy to produce new and old materials to be stratified. During use, the ramming mass material may be turned upside down, thus affecting the service life.

(2) When knotting and smashing, it must be strictly operated according to the construction requirements to ensure the compactness of the ramming material. Otherwise, the smashing material will be seriously contracted during use, and a large number of cracks will cause spalling, resulting in a decrease in life.
(3) The first furnace smelting is very important. When blowing oxygen de-carburization, the oxygen blowing tube must not be inserted too deeply, otherwise it will easily cause the bottom of the furnace to turn up and produce a large pit.
(4) When the first furnace is smelted, the bottom of the furnace can be covered with a layer of lime, which not only avoids the scrap steel directly smashing the bottom of the furnace, but also prevents hydration of the ramming material and can form slag early.
(5) When a large pit appears at the bottom of the furnace, the residual steel and residue in the pit must be cleaned and then repaired with ramming material. If there is a little steel in the pit that is not clean, add some lime or dolomite to the molten steel, and use the iron shovel to clean the dolomite together with the molten steel. Otherwise, the inter-layer will be formed in the pit when repairing the bottom of the furnace, which will affect the repairing effect.



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