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The magnesia carbon brick at the door of the furnace is the weak point of the closed-loop masonry of the furnace wall. Magnesia carbon bricks will have a large thermal expansion after undergoing smelting high temperature, and will be released in the doorway area to make the magnesia carbon bricks arch. For this reason, when adding magnesia carbon bricks at the door of the furnace, by adding special materials, a 1-2mm brick joint is reserved to meet the expansion space between the magnesia carbon bricks and eliminate the thermal expansion effect.

The furnace door electrode is used to fix the furnace door brick, which is convenient for slag cleaning. The graphite electrode is used in traditional masonry. Because of its short burning life, it is replaced by steel water-cooled analog electrode, which solves this problem and saves the service life. Can reach more than 2000 furnaces.



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