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Nozzle filling compound treatment method

In view of the impact of the nozzle filling compound on the quality of the molten steel in the tundish, part or most of the nozzle filling compound, which is very polluted by molten steel, is taken away manually, which greatly reduces the pollution to the molten steel and reduces the impact on the tundish. Corrosion of refractory materials. The specific operation method is as follows:
(1) Raise the ladle to a high position under the action of the hydraulic cylinder of the ladle turntable.
(2) Put on the ladle shroud, the lower port of the ladle shroud leaves the liquid surface and slag surface of the impact zone.
(3) Place the container for collecting nozzle filling compound under the ladle shroud port.
(4) Open the slide mechanism to the maximum position, that is, the upper and lower slide holes are aligned.
(5) Collect the nozzle filling compound.
(6) Approximately 1/2 to 2/3 of the nozzle filling compound will be collected, and the steel will be casted immediately.
(7) Lower the ladle and insert the ladle shroud into the molten steel in the impact zone.



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