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Mullite refractory bricks

Categories: JM23, JM26, JM28, JM30.

Mullite refractory bricks application:

Mullite refractory bricks can be used directly for high-temperature furnace lining, it has been widely used in shuttle kiln, roller kiln, glass and petrochemical furnace lining.

Mullite refractory bricks features:
1. Low thermal conductivity, it has a good thermal insulation effect;
2. Low heat melting, due to low thermal conductivity, series of mullite bricks is has a good function to save energy, especially when the production is not continuous;
3. It has low impurity content, such as alkali metal and so on, therefore, the refractoriness of it is high. The high content of aluminum makes it a good performance even in the reduction atmosphere;
4. High thermal compressive strength;
5. The appearance of accurate size, speeding up the masonry speed and reducing the use of refractory mud, to ensure the strength and stability of the masonry, thereby makes the campaign life longer;
6. Mullite insulating bricks can be processed into a special shape, to reduce the pieces of firebricks and joints.



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