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Types of light thermal insulation bricks

light thermal insulation bricksLightweight thermal insulation bricks are divided into many kinds according to the materials used, such as clay, silica and high alumina, which are called lightweight clay bricks, lightweight silica bricks and lightweight high alumina bricks. The composition, characteristics, service temperature and uses of lightweight insulating bricks are as follows:
1.Lightweight clay thermal insulation brick: used for various industrial kilns and furnaces without contact with Molten Substances and without the role of corrosive gas insulation layer material.
2.Lightweight High Aluminum Insulation Brick
3.Mullite Light Thermal Insulation Brick
4.Silica thermal insulation brick: It is suitable for use in high temperature kiln without contact with molten slag, such as the thermal insulation material of the lining of silica brick in large blast furnace and the thermal insulation of silica brick masonry in glass kiln.



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