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Inspection and preparation of ladle slide gate plates

ladle slide gate plates1 Preparation of refractory mud: Phosphate mud and graphite powder in accordance with the ratio of 2: 1 poured in the mud bucket, the powder particles or debris in the group have to pick the net uniform mixing plus 20% diluted with water , Mix evenly, and covered with plastic paper to prevent dust, debris, etc. into the refractory mud.
2 Check the fire-resistant clay, skateboard brick, brick nozzle quality and site reserves, when the mud appears wet caking, skateboards and bricks do not meet the acceptance criteria prohibit the use of.
3 Check to confirm the work of two hot fix hydraulic station, working pressure should meet 12 ~ 15Mpa, cantilever crane rotation, lifting and other working conditions are normal, there are problems in time to contact the maintenance staff to deal with.
4 Check All kinds of energy medium pipeline, fittings, valves, hoses no leakage point, there is a leak must contact the handle before use.
5 All kinds of tools used in production have normal conditions of use.
6 prepare adequate oxygenation tube and the need to draw the fire of the old sampler tube.
7 Check whether the hydraulic cylinder leaks, the hydraulic cylinder and the connecting rod is tight and loose, check the existence of the problem must be replaced or repaired after use.
8 On the outlet, slide gate plates before installation of refractory selection should be strictly enforced standards, surface of it is smooth, no cracks, no glitches, no moisture, the appearance of no defect.



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