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Features of coil grout

Coil GroutCoil grout works as refractory materials, it is mainly used between the working layer for sealing.
Coil grout is characterized by high strength, high density and good insulation performance. Features of it are as following for your reference:
1.It has good insulation performance, which could prevent the coils from short circuiting or discharging.
2.It has excellent viscosity and easy to be constructed. It is applied to the coil to form the smooth surface, which could buffer the expansion and shrinkage of the working layer.
3.It could protect the furnace from the leakage of the metal liquid, stopping the coils from the metal liquids.
4.To support the coils, preventing the lining from deforming, especially the top of the furnace, it could prevents the coils from being scratched.



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