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Corundum brick introduction

Corundum BrickAlumina content of corundum brick is more than 90%, it is refractory products using corundum as the main crystalline phase. High cold crushing strength (up to 340MPa), high refractoriness under load. Good chemical stability, strong resistance to acid or alkaline slag, metal, and glass liquid. Corundum brick can be divided into two kinds refractory brick, namely sintered corundum brick and fused corundum brick. It can use sintered alumina and fused corundum as raw materials, produced by sintering method. It can also be made of phosphoric acid or other binders into non -fired corundum refractory brick. Corundum bricks is mainly used in blast furnaces, vod furnaces, blast furnaces, water heaters, glass furnaces and petrochemical furnaces.



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