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Characteristics of mullite insulation brick

Mullite insulation bricks are non-toxic and harmless, have good adaptability, and the foaming performance can reach more than 30 times. Good thermal insulation effect, bite when using mullite insulation bricks, for the internal operation of the furnace And the operation must be stable, and when the mullite insulation bricks, the water volume must be well controlled, and the stirring process is in place to increase the degree of condensation.
1. Features of Mullite Insulation Brick
1. Light brick is green, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and safe to use.
2. Good adaptability to cement.
3. This product is foamed by a foaming machine to obtain foam with uniform bubble diameter.
4. With excellent foaming performance, the foaming multiple can reach more than 30 times.
5. Low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation effect.
6. It has low thermal melting property. Due to the low thermal conductivity, the light energy accumulated by Morite series light insulation bricks is less, and the energy saving effect of intermittent operation is obvious.
7. Impurity content, alkali metal and other oxide content are very low, so the refractoriness is high. In a reducing atmosphere, high aluminum content maintains good performance.
8. It has high thermal compressive strength.
9. The appearance size of mullite light refractory brick is accurate, speed up the construction speed of masonry, reduce the amount of refractory mud, ensure the strength and stability of masonry, and thus prolong the service life of masonry.
10. It can be processed into special shapes to reduce the number of mullite insulation refractory bricks and joints.



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