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Causes of stone defects in refractories in glass kilns

1. Improper use of refractories: the selection of refractories should be based on the melting temperature, glass composition, and the use of different parts. Such as high silicon and low alkali material, generally quartz brick is used for pool wall; zirconium corundum brick is used for upper layer of alkali material. In addition, if silica brick is used at the fire hole, it is easy to be eroded and stone appears, so corundum brick should be used.
2. Too high melting temperature: if the temperature is too high, the reaction between glass liquid and refractories will be violent, and the flow erosion will be intensified, and the erosion will be accelerated.
3. Excessive flux consumption: when the flux consumption is too large, especially fluoride, the erosion of refractories is particularly serious.



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