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Cause of blast furnace hearth burn-through accident

First, the blast furnace design defects
1. Structural problem of hearth
2. Smelting capacity does not match smelting frequency
3. Improper use of carbon bricks
4. The iron port is set at an incorrect angle

Second, defects in the manufacture and installation of the cooling stave

The quality of the manufacture and installation of the cooling stave is very important to the life of the hearth. Once the cooling stave leaks water into the hearth, and cannot be effectively controlled for a long time, it is likely to cause a major accident.

Third, insufficient operation and maintenance after commissioning
1. Adverse effects of harmful elements
2. Water leakage from cooling equipment
3. The daily maintenance of the iron mouth is not in place
4. Excessive smelting frequency
5. Improper grouting of the hearth



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