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Brief introduction of magnesium aluminum refractories

Magnesium aluminum refractory products:
The ladle is an indispensable and important equipment in the steelmaking industry. As a refractory for lining the ladle, several major changes have taken place. In the past, traditional sintered clay bricks and third-grade high alumina bricks were used. This refractory material showed poor peeling resistance and erosion resistance during use, and the service life was low, with an average of only 10 times. The processing can only reach about 20 times.
The excellent properties of magnesia products combined with spinel (magnesium aluminum spinel), such as slag resistance, spall resistance and creep resistance, have long been known. The use shows that the fired service life of the developed Mg-Al spinel unfired bricks in the active lime rotary kiln is more than 1 year. For a long time, the direct combination of magnesium and chrome bricks has excellent slag resistance and erosion resistance, and has been used in large-scale alkaline rotary kilns. At present, the steel industry has the widest range of applications, and the most widely used refractory materials are magnesium-aluminum-based indefinite refractory materials, accounting for about 85% of the total production of indefinite refractory materials. , Almost all metallurgical thermal engineering equipment.
Magnesium aluminum spinel (MgO · Al2O3) has a high melting point, small thermal expansion, low thermal stress, and good thermal vibration stability. At the same time, it has relatively stable chemical properties and strong resistance to alkaline slag. It is the core point where aluminum-magnesium non-fired bricks can be used, and one of the key substances to improve the life span. Due to the gradual maturity of synthetic magnesium-aluminum spinel technology in recent years, it is possible to directly use synthetic spinel materials to produce ladle bricks, which can significantly improve their characteristics.

Application of magnesium aluminum spinel brick in cement rotary kiln:
With the maturity of domestic rotary kiln technology, magnesia-alumina spinel bricks are extremely widely used in the unstable kiln skin area with the tail of cement rotary kiln. Its performance is mainly reflected in: good kiln skin performance, excellent thermal shock resistance and anti-stripping performance, and strong physical and chemical stability. Among various refractory bricks for cement rotary kilns, magnesia-alumina spinel brick is a relatively comprehensive refractory brick.



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