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Blast furnace trough erosion and refractory selection

Blast furnace trough is out of high temperature molten iron or slag channel. In the production process to the following damage to several factors:
(1) the intense erosion and erosion flow of high temperature molten iron and slag.
(2) the chemical erosion of blast furnace slag.
(3) thermal shock damage severe intermittent tapping.

Therefore, the trough liner refractories are required to have the following characteristics:
(1) trough lining has stronger resistance to high temperature molten iron and slag corrosion and erosion resistance of refractory materials.
(2) with high temperature resistance and excellent wear resistance.
(3) chemical corrosion resistance to high temperature than the slag.
(4) better thermal shock resistance, heavy firing small changes.
(5) have stronger anti oxidation ability .
(6) easy construction, more convenient for disassembly and repair, no harmful gas, also good for environment.

The use of foreign large blast furnace trough material, the use of different parts can be divided into:
(1) the main channel using corundum silicon carbide carbon material of refractory bricks.
(2) lateral channel mainly using high alumina bauxite - silicon carbide carbon material of refractory bricks.
(3) the slag ditch using clay clinker (or bauxite) "SiC" carbon material of refractory bricks.

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