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The advantages of using lime stone instead of lime for steel making

1. After being put into the converter, lime stone can resolve oxidizing CO2, which can strengthen oxygen supply in furnace in the initial stage.
2. The resolve of lime stone can sustain a long time low termperature on the slag-iron interface, which is good for the dephosphorization of liquid iron at the early stage of converting.
3. Lime has the highest activity in the moment of its generation, which is the ideal activated lime raw material, at this very moment, when lime is in touch of slag, the deslagging speed will be improvded.
4. Lime stone has bigger specific gravity, even if the lump is small, it won't be taken out by the air in the converter. After goes into the furnace, by the effect of sudden heating, it will crack and surface area will be bigger, melting and deslagging speed will be improvded.
5. The calcium carbonate in lime stone can be fully utilized, after resolving, CaO will participate in slag forming, CO2 will participate in the oxidation reaction in converter, the CO that is generated can be recycled.



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