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Advantages of unshaped refractory materials

unshaped refractory materialsThere are two kinds of unshaped refractory materials, dense and heat insulation. According to the hardening process and the properties of the binder, the unshaped refractory materials can be divided into four categories: ceramic bonding, hydraulics bonding, chemical bonding and organic bonding.
The unshaped refractory materials can also be classified into three categories according to the type of use: integral construction materials and repair materials, masonry and joint materials, and refractory coating materials. The integral construction materials and repairing materials include:
(1) Fire-resistant ramming material. It can be directly constructed or used after mixing with some liquids. It can be constructed by tamping, mostly hardening under heating at higher than normal temperature.
(2) Refractory plastics. Delivery with plastic soft billet or irregular shape material can be used directly, construction by tamping, vibration, pressing or extrusion, and hardening during calcination.
(3) refractory castables. Delivery of dry materials, water or other liquids after use, pouring, vibration, tamping construction, if necessary, tamping construction, without heating can be condensation and hardening.
(4) Fire-resistant spray coating. The hardening characteristics of a specially prepared mixture, which is constructed by means of air supply or mechanical spraying, can be divided into one of the first three types.



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