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Advantages of tundish exchangeable technology

tundish nozzleAdvantages of tundish exchangeable technology
1. Significantly improve the continuous casting heats from tundish. By adopting tundish exchangeable system, the liminations such as raw material on tundish nozzle that affects the service life of tundish linings are eliminated, continuous casting heats is improved.
2. Improve the operating rate of continuous casting machines and effectively take advantage of high-efficiency continuous casting. Efficient continuous casting is the direction of continuous casting development. The use of tundish exchangeable technology can increase the operating rate of the continuous casting machine, reduce the production preparation time and the stop-casting processing time.
3. Reduce the cost of tons of steel. By adopting tundish exchangeable technology, the exchangeable mechanism cost and the corresponding refractory cost are increased, but the heats of the continuous casting can be increased, yield of slab can be increased, scrap ends and hot heel can be reduced, while the ton steel refractory material can also be reduced or controlled to a certain extent.
4. Reduce the operation failure of the continuous casting machine. As we all know, the operation accidents of continuous casting generally occur in the pouring stage, such as open-casting steel leakage, overflow steel, etc. These accidents seriously affect the stable operation of subsequent operations. By adopting tundish exchangeable technology, with continuous casting heats largely increased, the number of pouring will be greatly reduced, thus reducing some operational accidents.



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