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Advantages of medium frequency induction furnace compared with main frequency furnace

1. The melting speed is fast and the production efficiency is high.
The power density of the medium frequency induction furnace is 1.4-1.6 times of the main frequency furnace.

2. Flexible and adaptable.
Medium frequency induction furnace steel making, all molten steel is allowed to be completely discharged. The main frequency furnace steel can not be completely discharged, and it needs to be kept 30%-50%.

3. Electromagnetic stirring effect is good.
The stirring power of the medium frequency is smaller than main frequency, and the stirring effect is better.

4. Start-up operation is convenient.
When medium frequency induction furnace is started, there is no special requirement for the lining material, and it can be heated quickly after charging.

5. The molten steel is covered by the slag to reduce the pollution of the molten steel by the atmosphere.
The slag has good fluidity and coverage when the medium frequency induction furnace is used for steel making.



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