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Brief introduction of spinel refractories

Spinel refractories refer to a class of minerals with the same structure. The chemical formula can be expressed as AO · R2O3 (or AR2O4), where A represents a divalent element ion and can be Mg2 +, Fe2 +, etc .; R is a trivalent element, It can be Al3 +, Fe3 +, Cr3 + and so on. Most of them exist as isomorphous solid solutions. All spinels form a solid solution by expanding the crystal lattice.

Its use: It is an important class of neutral or weakly alkaline refractory materials, widely used in high-temperature industrial furnaces, open hearth furnaces, electric furnaces, ladle, outside furnace refining, cement rotary kiln, glass kiln heat storage chamber, copper smelting furnace Wait.

Its classification: Spinel refractories can be divided into chrome bricks, chrome-magnesium bricks, magnesia-chrome bricks, magnesia-aluminum spinel refractories according to their raw materials and their composition.



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